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First Things First

Sugary is a Gift Curation Studio that curates gifts for all of life’s occasions, focusing on the art of gift giving. We help people choosing gifts, buy gifts for them and craft with sophisticated curation. Our Team curates and personalise according to your budget and the receiver’s personality & psychology.

Basically, You have to knock us with your Contact Number, Date of Occasion, Estimated Budget and Preferable Time for discussing about gifting. 

We will assign Curating Expert, who will contact you before 7 days of your occasion date.







We will assign you one of our curating experts to discuss with you about customisation of Giftbox while sharing the recipient’s personality, interests, taste and psychology.

If you share with us his/her personality details, colour choices, interests and regular apparel colour choices, we can help you out with some ideas and suggestions to choose Giftbox items that might surprise him. 
You can choose anything you want available on earth, which we’ll try to purchase and import depending time. 

For Example, you’ve chosen a Perfume, a Wallet and a Belt.

Like you can give us any of his favourite Perfume names or the fragrance notes (ex: wood, aquatic, oak, floral) you get from him. Also you can share any similar pictures of his wallet from Google to understand his taste better.

You can simply just share some pictures of products of your taste and choices. besides, you can tell us to purchase any specific product of any brand of your choice.

Those are just examples. Our Curating Department will analyse, research and purchase or import based on every detail you provide us to send you a detailed memo of your costing to make the advance payment. 

Also, you can add one item bought by you to include in the Giftbox.

It’s like you’re hiring an Architect to design and build your house.







•    Notecards or Greeting Cards

You can include any message, texts, notes, letters or greetings for him/her. We have creative designers and illustrationist to turn your texts into beautiful cards which will sync with your feelings for him/her and the colour combination of your Giftbox. You can also provide any suggested design to make similar, like your choice.

•    Personal Pictures

You can include any personal pictures to your Giftbox. We can print it out with so many options, like Polaroid Photo, 3R Size, Photo Frame, Collage and Zig Zag Album.

You have to mail your photo to get the best quality and don’t worry we are concerned about our customer’s privacy. We don’t store any personal pictures shared by our customers. Mail Us:

•    Tags

You can add & customise any Giftbox tags like To Farhad, To Adeeba, To my Sweetheart or To the best Abbu.






box & wrap

We have Matte Black Boxes and Dock Boxes and major options to customise your Giftbox.

•    Inner Craft

We have two kinds of Inner Craft

Gnarled Inner Craft (Sugary Special)
This is one of the original and oldest craft made by House Sugary.Every products will be wrapped individually with the finest secret fabric which speciality will be acknowledged by the person who’s touching it. Moreover, We’ll use charmeuse surface and additional ribbons to make it sweetheart.
Gnarled Inner Craft has a special fragrance to provide surprising experience for recipient’s impression.      

Confetti Inner Craft

This one is made with paper confetti which also comes with individual wrap or without wrap.
This box has strong impression and outlook experience for the recipient.

•    Outer Craft

You can choose the colour of your Outer Craft like Navy Blue, Dark Grey or Light Grey, Maroon, Gradient Red, Light Green, Dark Coffee or let us choose the colours depending what suits best. 
We have two kinds of Outer Craft:

ℑ Gnarled Outer Craft (Sugary Special)
This is one of the original and oldest craft made by House Sugary. We’ll use charmeuse fabric to cover up the whole box with twisted texture.

 Bowrush Outer Craft
This is the regular Giftbox craft used by whole humanity which recognise as Gift. We’ll use charmeuse fabric to cover up the top box with chosen ribbon.







We are aware that any unfortunate water and dust can damage & hamper detail crafting, so we do protect every Giftboxes with 2 layer of protection.

You have three options to get received your complete Giftbox.

1. Regular Delivery (Whole Day)

2. Special Delivey (Any Specific Time)

3. Urgent Delivery (Depends On Distance)

4. Abroad Delivery Through DHL & FedEx (Depends On Weight of The Giftbox)

frequently asked info

* Our Curating Expert will call 7days before your occasion date, If you have any urgency to talk to about your queries you can contact at +8801515248747.

* After discussion we’ll take time to analyse & research to provide you all necessary detailed memo.

You have to make advance payment to confirm your order.

* Currently Payment methods are Bank or bKash.

* Our minimum budget is 4,000 BDT / 50 USD to craft a Giftbox. Including your choosen products, box, wrapping & prints and delivery.

* We don’t sell products depending stock. We do collecting and buying from best shops locally and internationally with experienced taste of sense for choosing products to craft Giftboxes uniquely.

* Our Curating Experts always look for best products and gifts around the world while travelling.

* We are sorry that our service doesn’t provide selling products individually or the wrapping and boxes. we are extremely concerned about the art of gift giving.

* We’ll share pictures of your Giftbox while it’s done on our crafting department.

* Please don’t worry about your Giftbox after you make any advance payment. We schedule every tasks on your Giftbox. we’ll knock you up when the perfect time comes.
Your Gift is Sugary’s Responsibility!