inner wrap

house sugary releases different inner wraps and colour themes on every year
with the help of our crafting experts to express the mood of a gift unwrapping.

three types.

to choose

there are three types of inner wrap which unfolds premium feel to the touch of opening experience & soothing smell of added fragrance.



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Gnarled Inner Craft.

This is one of the original and oldest craft made by House Sugary.Every products will be wrapped individually with the finest secret fabric which speciality will be acknowledged by the person who’s touching it. Moreover, We’ll use charmeuse surface and additional ribbons to make it sweetheart.
Gnarled Inner Craft has a special fragrance to provide surprising experience for recipient’s impression.  

Confetti Inner Craft.

This one is made with paper confetti which also comes with individual wrap or without wrap.
This box has strong impression and outlook experience for the recipient.


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Copyright by House Sugary ©

Carmeu Inner Craft.

человечеством, которое мы признаем и символизируем как Дар. Мы будем использовать ткань шармез, чтобы покрыть верхнюю коробку выбранной лентой.

Мы создадим его на основе цветовой схемы подарков и внешнего вида для синхронизации с ритмом.

yes you can


you can customise with any item depending recipient's taste and personae.
starting from minimum $50 budget according to your choice.